What’s that

What’s Bestiariomagazine’s Reading Challenge?

This Reading Challenge began with our need to talk about books, because we love reading and talking about it. Our blog is a utopian sofa on which we regularly meet (even though we are all living in different continents). We share our experiences in order to open up new reading experiences: to discover books we would have otherwise never known because of our habits and laziness.  We’ve got curiosity under our skin!

The categories we have chosen are the starting point, the crossroads we use as a pretext to meet.  Join us! Download our poster and  bookmarks (coming soon), send us your own reviews at info@bestiariomagazine.it and share your comments with us!



What’s new this year

This is the second edition of our Reading Challenge. We have reduced the number of categories from 53 to 23, so that we may complete our challenge without giving up on other interesting books. This year’s new big theme is multilingualism: we want your Italian, English, French and Polish reading experiences to share on our home page. We want to see these languages bloom, with no linguistic discrimination. Let Babel live again!